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  • Leave a note for your specialist
  • Date and Time
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Location selection

Select the location you would like service to be performed.

Location selection

Select the location you would like service to be performed.

Select the service

Select the service for which you wish to schedule your appointment

Select additional services

Select the service extras you want to add to your reservation.

Leave a note for your specialist

If you would like a specific person to assist you, please let us know here

Date and Time

Click on a date to see a timeline of available times, click on a green time to reserve it

Complete your information

Please provide your contact details so we can send you appointment confirmation

Agent selection

You can choose a specific agent to perform your service or select any agent to automatically assign one to you.

Payment method

An initial payment is required to reserve the service

Check order details

Check your reservation details and click the Submit button if everything is correct.


Your appointment has been successfully scheduled. Please retain this confirmation for your records.


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