Eyelash extensions and summer: tricks and recommendations

Eyelash extensions and summer: tricks and recommendations

When summer, heat waves and hot flashes arrive, the last thing we want is a lot of makeup and, the most, we want to look radiant. But having both things at the same time is not always an easy task, so the challenge is to find alternatives that enhance our beauty, with little effort and money.

Beach, pool, walks... The hustle and bustle of the summer makes us resort more and more to good ideas that make our lives easier, and one of them is eyelash extensions. Mascara is not a good idea on hot days.

There is no way to wake up in front of the sea and feel divine, before even putting on your swimsuit. And the best? Continue like this until night, with hardly any effort.

The ideal is place them a few days before going on vacation, to prevent them from getting wet during the first 24 hours. From the second day onwards, we can take all the dips we want.

We must also be careful when applying sunscreen and do not do it near the eyes, this way we will avoid irritation and, above all, we will give more life to our eyes. eyelash extensions.

If, in addition, we want to look perfect throughout the summer, we must wash and brush them daily, because sweat, sand and other particles from the environment can damage them or cause itching. Maintaining good hygiene is essential.

Sunglasses are good companions, but water glasses are best avoided, because they naturally cause eye irritation and rubbing them can damage your eyelash extensions.

If we are lucky enough to have many vacation days, touching up our eyelash extensions within the recommended period is highly advisable. This way we can continue enjoying the summer without too much makeup and feeling radiant at all times.

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